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We make contemporary kitchenware & home decoration that uses natural teakwood with excellent properties. We bring wood from the plantations planted on the hills in the north of Thailand, creating sensible products in balance with nature.

We produce
a full range of work.

We Design, create, and manufacture from logs to the final product, we saw logs, dry the lumber and created a production setup to archive a high consistent quality output, ready for export.


Our production is based around CNC machining for the highest precision with the lowest tolerances and reliable output. Our innovative approach with 3D printed jigs and machined parts ensure an end product our clients can be proud of.


We buy wood from FSC certified plantation with government oversight, ensuring harmony and sustainability with nature.  Our wood is certified plantation wood from the north of Thailand, with no contribution to deforestation. When the trees are harvested, the roots are left behind and a new tree will grow. Suitable for local markets as well as international export with all needed government certificates and permissions. We make products with the highest quality teakwood from plantations handed down through generations.

Our Designers work from a long tradition of refining the shape and making products with a modern feel. With attention to the details and balance with the materials as well as production methods, we create products with a good feeling and are a joy to use everyday. With a strong focus on sustainable and long lasting eco friendliness, we bring you products with a good story, feeling and beauty you can be proud of.

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